Shoin Jinja Shrine related hotels, Hagi no Yado Tomoe, the Ryokan associated with Shoin shrine
Hagi no Yado, TOMOE
And increments the time dignified, State Guest House in Hagi

【Official】Hagi no Yado Tomoe

Welcome to Hagi no Yado Tomoe

In the “Hagi no Yado Tomoe”, the inn itself has an image of Hagi no Yado Tomoe Hagi ・Castle Town.
In this facility, you can feel History of Hagi and culture of the temple, and in the room, in the Japanese arrangement,
I would like you to taste the seafood in Hagimae of you while looking at the Japanese garden.
Please, have a good day.

Since its inception, the “Hagi no Yado Tomoe” has been protected and inherited. Things I want to tell.
It is nothing less than a willingness to welcome you as a hail State Guest House in Hagi.
We hope to be an inn that you can hear from our customers as "I'm home."

About Hagi no Yado Tomoe

  • History of Tsunemoe

    The members of the local Fusanosuke Kuhara such as the noble house member Giichi Tanaka Akagi Takiguchi, the prime minister, Giichi Tanaka, the master of modern Japanese paintings, Katsuya Keigetsu Matsubayashi, and the later members of the House of Representatives, Fusanosuke Kuhara and others As a result of consulting with Founder Tsuneyoshi Koto founder, "There is no accommodation facility that entertains guests", Tsunekichi's "Jun", flourish together, "Mush", wish to have "Blessing", and Taisho 14 November 3 "TOMOE" was born. We moved to the present place in 1989 and lived and loved with Heisei. Even if the times change, I would like to pass on the founder's thoughts carefully and protect it as State Guest House in Hagi.

Hotel Facility Information

  • Guest Room Information

    Luxury to taste the quietly flowing time in a relaxing Japanese-style room.Looking forward to the Japanese garden.Time to talk.
    The hospitable space will open our hearts.Guest rooms built in a separate style will casually protect your privacy.
  • Large Communal Bath, ~Hagi Onsen~

    ryokan is a bath slightly smaller than a large ryokan
    Tomoe no Yu of Tomoe no Yu, which is covered with Black mikage stone, under a cypress ceiling.
    Please heal your daily fatigue.
  • TOMOE facility exhibition room of TOMOE

    We display works of great people related to this facility, such as Nobusuke Kishi and Eisaku Sato, and a group of masterpieces of Old and new Hagi ware and Old and new Hagi ware.
    In addition, you can see the valuable works of Calligraphy and Hagi ware at every place in this facility.
    Please enjoy art appreciation as you go through your mind.

Cuisine·A party

  • TOMOE dishes

    A gem that protects the flow of kaiseki and tells it now

    "Worthy to hospitality guests coming from all over the country
    Please enjoy Taste of Hagi of real Taste of Hagi.
  • A fun party is held at various banquet halls

    Various restaurants and banquet halls are also available.
    From family members and other small groups, year-end party, new year party etc.
    Until a large number of gatherings, we will help you with a fun party.

How to spend a service manager to experience "a kimono town"

  • Take a walk around the town of Kaki with Kimono, ~ A journey that will be dyed in amber

    It is a collaboration project with the rental kimono "Fuya".
    ●Rental kimono set, 5,000 yen/person (tax excluded)
    ●Business hours, from 10:00 to the evening, Wednesday fixed closing day

    You can go in plain clothes and wear it on the spot.
    You can keep your luggage and enjoy sightseeing at ease.
    Please bring your tabi or buy it on the spot.

    Wear a kimono, walk around the Castle Town, eat some gourmet food, and visit Shoin Jinja Shrine.
    Take a break in the stylish cafe. How about such a trip that enjoys the charm of the whale.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


8:00 to 22:00