Incorporate the time of dignity, guest house of Hagi

【Official】Hagi no Yado Tomoe

Welcome to Hagi no Yado TOMOE

"Hagi no Yado, TOMOE", the hostel itself is imagining the castle town of Hagi.
In the facility, I feel the history and culture of Hagi, and in the room, in the setting of Japanese,
While watching the Japanese garden, I'd like to taste the seafood in front of Hagi.
Please, have a good day.

Since its founding, "Hagi no Yado, TOMOE" has always TOMOE and TOMOE.Things I want to tell.
It is nothing but a mental attitude to welcome customers as guest houses of Hagi.
We hope to be an inn that you can hear from our customers as "I'm home."

Hotel Facility Information

  • Guest Room Information

    Luxury to taste the quietly flowing time in a relaxing Japanese-style room.Looking forward to the Japanese garden.Time to talk.
    The hospitable space will open our hearts.Guest rooms built in a separate style will casually protect your privacy.
  • Large Communal Bath, ~Hagi Onsen~

    Compared to a large inn, it is a bit small bath
    It is based on the cypress of the cypress Tomoe no Yu, it is soaked in Tomoe no Yu of Tomoe no Yu who spread black granite,
    Please heal your daily fatigue.
  • TOMOE facility exhibition room of TOMOE

    Nobusuke Kishi, Eisaku Sato such as great books related to the hotel and masterpieces of old and new Hagi yaki are displayed.
    Also, you can see the work of the precious calligraphy and Hagi yaki everywhere in the facility.
    Please enjoy art appreciation as you go through your mind.

Cuisine·A party·wedding

  • TOMOE dishes

    A gem that protects the flow of kaiseki and tells it now

    "Worthy to hospitality guests coming from all over the country
    Please enjoy the authentic Hagi taste.
  • A fun party is held at various banquet halls

    Various restaurants and banquet halls are also available.
    From family members and other small groups, year-end party, new year party etc.
    Until a large number of gatherings, we will help you with a fun party.
  • I wish you two coming out

    TOMOE, a well-established inn ryokan who has accepted many key people,
    What kept protecting from the foundation of Taisho in 2002 is the heart of hospitality of "real".
    A new wedding scene to send with full.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


8:00 to 22:00