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The Ultimate TOMOE Cuisine

A gem that protects the flow of kaiseki and tells it now

"Please enjoy Taste of Hagi of authentic salmon that is suitable to serve guests coming from all over the country.

We are responsible for offering cuisine suitable for the feast of the guest house in Hagi.
I believe that seriously facing materials and offering top quality dishes with fine materials.
Continue aiming for a culinary delight that further protects the established tradition.

Passion to food

Local produce·Approach to eradication
··· · · · · · · ··
I joined Yamaguchi food store and actively incorporated ingredients from Yamaguchi Prefecture.
In June 2005 I received the Yamaguchi Prefectural Governor 's Commendation as "Excellent food sanitation facility".

I am passionate about room food
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For dinner, room meals are basic.
Room eating is a passion for hospitable hospitality even when the times change

We will respond to your request
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Do you not like what you are bad, do not eat, do not have any allergies?
We will respond to customer's requests as much as possible if you can inform us in advance

Single dish

  • Sweet bone salted with salt, All Year

    A gorgeous pale-red appearance reminiscent of cherry blossoms.
    It increases soft texture and chews.Relaxed sweetness.
    Sweet bream can be deliciously enjoyed almost all year round.
    Sweet bream, which is taken off the coast of Mishima the off the coast of Mishima of sea near Hagi the sea near Hagi, is a kind of eating and drinking which is distributed as luxury goods.
    It is indispensable seafood in talking about Hagi.

    One fare(About 2 servings), ¥ 10,000(tax excluded)
  • Oceal thin construction, May to September

    We are preparing at our inn, the most delicious oniocoze among the peers.
    It is fresh finest goods which are landing directly in off the coast of Hagi, sent directly.
    The body that shines purely has elegant sweetness and umami, crispness is really good,
    Please enjoy the taste of the illusion said to be "Fushigi of summer".

    One fare(About 2 servings) ¥ 10,000(tax excluded)
  • Sushi, May to September

    Mainly used in our lodging is the northern province of Kitaura district
    Murasaki Sea Urchins, Bahun'uni, Crooni.
    Whether there are differences in appearance and color, there is no undisciplinary lurking behind each larger grain
    Sweetness and rich richness are exquisite.It goes without saying that the freshness is good.

    Price 1 servings, Market price
  • Turf-Sting, From October to March

    The texture of prpli, a taste with a deep flavor although it is protein ...
    Please enjoy deliciousness spreading in your mouth as much as goblies.

    Price 5,000 yen per person(tax excluded)
  • Hagi no Sake

    How is a delicious local sake to suit a delicious meal?
    Hagi is the origin of sake brewing in Yamaguchi prefecture.
    Beautiful water and delicious rice essential for sake brewing, and sake brewed in rich nature and history make Hagi's traveling more enjoyable.

    Choyo Fukumusume who is famous in the market of Hagi and Kiyomi Minamino sake.
    Above all, Kiichiro is dry jun rice sake of outstanding workmanship.

    dry jun rice sake of refreshing spout with a light Mi.

    "Nagato Gorge"
    Good refined rice ginjyo wrapped in a little Ginsaka.

Introduction of Chief Chef

  • Representing the season of Hagi that the chief chef himself felt on his skin with cooking.

    That is passion for the food of TOMOE.

    While feeling each season, I think it is important to make dishes that you can enjoy even if you see it or eat it.
    That is to make the appearance and taste of the cooked food in story.
    We use fish from Hagi's stuff and vegetables delicious at that time of the Japanese domestic production.
    We continue to offer seasonal ingredients in the best recipes every season.