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Chief Chef Passionate Breakfast

Chief Chef Passionate Breakfast

  • 【menu】
    Black sesame juice, handmade tofu and steamed vegetable topping, hot spring egg, dried radish, salmon, dashi roll egg, cabbage, Hiryu head, grilled fish, miso soup, rice, vegetable pickles, jelly
  • ■Black sesame juice■
    Based on pineapple and banana, we added milk, black sesame and honey to rich juice.It is a cup that becomes a vitality of the morning good for health and beauty.

    ■Handmade tofu and steamed vegetables■
    It ’s a thick and thick shell.

    ■Hot spring egg■
    We use “Genki Tamago” from Shinai Farm.Please enjoy your favorite sauce such as soy sauce and salt.

    ■Cut dried radish and Sugadaira■
    The sea bream's flat heaven is familiar to the public, and the deliciousness of fish surimi is packed tightly and is the best.

    ■Chukobee Kamaboko and Dashi rolls egg■
    The “baked rice cake” made with fresh esos and made using traditional methods, and the elegant, soft and fluffy egg rolls are exquisite.

    ■Shiso wakame cabbage salad■
    The soup of sea bream was arranged in a modern style by adding a shiso flavor to the chopped seaweed, which is said to have been eaten by the Ishin Shishi.

    ■Hiryu head※Local name of "Cancer"■
    The bite cancer that brought out the original taste of tofu was carefully simmered in a soup of passion.

    ■Summer mandarin jelly■
    We made the juice of the “Natsumikan”, a famous strawberry product.