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A party

A fun party is held at various banquet halls

  • Various restaurants and banquet halls are also available.
    From family members and other small groups, year-end party, new year party etc.
    Until a large number of gatherings, we will help you with a fun party.

Large banquet hall Kinsen(Kinsen)Between/Ginsen(Ginsen)Between

  • It is a banquet hall located in 2nd floor.Up to 280 square meters, With stage.

    It is possible to split and use 20 ~ 100 people.
    Because it is a Japanese-Japanese dual purpose, it can be used as a reception hall or a party venue.

    Number of mats: Maisen 154/Kinsen 91/Ginsen 63
    Capacity: 100 Maisen/50 Kinsen/Ginsen 30 people

Between the middle banquet room Fuyo no Ma Kaido no Ma

  • It is a private banquet hall located in 1F.It corresponds to 8 to 30 people.
    It is easy to use for dinner party with familiar people, small scale meeting, business talks and entertainment.
    We will also prepare meals for guests staying on employee trips and family tours of 3 generations.
    Please enjoy lively moments with everyone.

     Number of mats: 76 square meters
     set : Daimyo Set Meal, Capacity for 24 people, ※Up to 4 people on the upper seat
          Chair / table, 30 people in face to face

    ■Kaido no Ma■
     Number of mats: 40 square meters
     set : Daimyo Set Meal, Capacity 15 people, ※Up to 2 people on the upper seat
          16 people in chair / table, face to face

Small banquet room Suisen(Suisen)/Shobu(Shobu)/Akebi (Akebi)

  • It is a private banquet hall located in 1F.It corresponds to 4 to 8 people.
    It is easy to use for dining and entertaining with guests' waiting room at the large banquet hall / medium banquet hall event and friendly people.

    Guests' lodging in groups of 4 or more are also available from here.
    Because it is a private room, you can eat a meal without worrying about other customers.

    Number of mats: Suisen 21 square meters/Shobu(Shobu), 18 square meters/Akebi 21 square meters
    Capacity: Suisen 8 people/Shobu 6 people/Akebi 8 people

    You can select the setting method from Daimyo Set Meal and chair table. The venue varies depending on the number of people and the setting method.

Information on day-trip plan

  • Meeting plan

    Thankfully to the teachers and friends who took care of us ...
    I will do my heartfelt hospitality for everyone's special day.
    "Number of people", from 4 people
    【1 person rate】
    Lunch, ¥ 5,000/¥ 7,000/¥ 9,000
    Dinner, ¥ 7,000/¥ 9,000/¥ 12,000
    ※Please do not hesitate to contact us for budget and number of people.
    "cuisine", Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine
    "plan contents", Meal/Room charge
  • Groups·Dear group,, Banquet Plan

    Please use for gatherings of more than 20 people, including group and employee lunch breaks and town association meetings.
    Spend a relaxing time at the restaurant of 20 to 100 people.

    "Number of people", from 20 people
    We will prepare according to your budget from "1 person rate", 5,000 yen.
    "cuisine", Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine
    "plan contents", Meal/Room charge

     All-you-can-drink, ¥ 2000, (Service Fee ·Consumption tax not included)
     karaoke, ¥ 10,000(Service Fee ·Consumption tax not included)
     Companion 2 hours, 13,000 yen(Consumption tax not included, Tomoyo)
      ※We can arrange from 2 people.
  • Hagi Set Meal Plan

    Hagi's new premium gourmet "Hagi Meal"
    Seasonal change of fresh ingredients nurtured in the climate of Hagi
    TOMOE the TOMOE the Chief Chef of TOMOE loves cooking.

    "Number of people used", 4 to 65 people
    "One person charge", ¥ 3,500
    "cuisine", Hagi Meal
    "plan contents", Meal, ※We will charge a private room fee separately
  • After the delivery·Friends dating

    Please spend an important day when the new bonds of both families are formed.
    With a heartfelt service and cuisine suitable for a seat of grace
    I will celebrate.

    "Number of people", from 4 people
    "One person charge", 7,000 yen / 9,000 yen / 12,000 yen / 15,000
    "cuisine", Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine
    "plan contents", Meal/Room charge
            ※We do not prepare delivered goods.
  • All-you-can-drink Plan
    2 hours of use time, ¥ 2,000 yen(The·tax excluded), "beer, whiskey, Sake, Shochu(Rice·wheat·Shochu), Soft drink(Orange juice · cola · ginger ale · oolong tea)"