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Introduction of Chief Chef

Representing the season of Hagi that the chief chef himself felt on his skin with cooking.

  • That is Megumi's passion for cooking.

    While feeling each season, I think it is important to make dishes that you can enjoy even if you see it or eat it.That is to make the appearance and taste of the cooked food in story.
    We use fish from Hagi's stuff and vegetables delicious at that time of the Japanese domestic production.We continue to offer seasonal ingredients in the best recipes every season.

    Sweet bream in the spring.It can be said to all fish, but you can see that there is a difference in grease at the stage of putting a kitchen knife.It is a ingredient that you can enjoy deliciously almost throughout the year, but there is no fish this spring is suited.We will use the finest goods sent directly from the off the coast of Mishima.Summer is Okose.The taste is not less prevalent than that tiger puffer.It is a phantasmal taste called "summer wipe".We will use fresh finest goods which are landing directly in off the coast of Hagi.
    From autumn to winter, it is an ankou to return bonito with a Hagi Specialty Fugu.Fugu, the nickname in authentic Yamaguchi is "wiping."One of the reasons is that you are connected to “Fuku” (good fortune) and have a good “Fuku” (good fortune). We used those purchased directly from off the coast of Hagi Sea of ​​Japan, not via the nation's most concentrated area · Shimonoseki.We will change everyone to a smile in an instant, and carry a moment of “Fuku” (good fortune).
    For bonito, returning bonito is provided by Hagi, the fat is wonderful, grilling on both sides, eating with wasabi soy sauce is excellent item.Anko is using the one of direct shipment of Shimonoseki Japan landing.In addition, it also meat dishes offers, is the three types of brand meat to use Kenran beef, Mutsumi Pork, Choshu Aka bird).
    We use the seasonal ingredients of each season without spending it and make a gem that is suitable for the party of the guesthouse, making full use of the traditional wisdom and technique of Japanese cuisine being forgotten.Megumi Tsunemo's cuisine does not compromise on taste, shape and color. Taste this opportunity, please check.